Charity Work

After John and Cheryl's close friend and member of the Damnbuskers, Morgie, passed away in 2000, John took up the guise of the Boscastle Busker to fulfill the promise that Morgie had made. He has since raised over 13,000 for the Edgecumbe Hospice and other charities.

Even before this, however, John had always been a charitable man. Left, is a picture of John in 1981, when he decided to ride a wooden bike (that he made!) from Holsworthy to Lands End (180 miles!) for good causes.

He also made and rode a wooden trike from Cornwall to London in 1989 along with many others.

And that's not the end of his adventures. There was also the humanitarian aid trip to the Gaza Strip in ? and the Plymouth to Daker Challenge in ? both of which are featured in more detail on the Gaza and Dakar pages.