Welcome to The Boscastle Busker's Website

The Boscastle Busker, John Maughan, has been singing in Boscastle's three pubs, The Cobweb, The Wellington and The Napoleon, for over thirty years. With his mellow baritone voice and a huge repertoire of songs, he is the catalyst that galvanises a roomful of people to sing for sheer pleasure.

Harmonies rise and fall in a great organ of song
It is a magical experience! But even more magical is hearing him busking for charity, unamplified and unaccompanied, in the beautiful setting of Boscastle harbour.

It all began to honour a promise made to a friend, and so far he has raised over £17,650.95 for Mount Edgcumbe Hospice in memory of Morgy and our good times with the band
The Damnbuskers!

Look out for him
at the harbour on summer Sunday afternoons:
a unique experience!

His CDs are available to buy directly off this site:
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